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ATravelGuideWW2sitesITA Travel Guide to World War II Sites in Italy: Museums, Monuments, and Battlegrounds

by Anne Leslie Saunders

Its new guidebook describes and provides directions to over one hundred World War II sites in Italy, including museums, monuments, cemeteries, and battlefields. The tours in each chapter focus on a particular city or region, following the Allied and German armies as they battled from southern to northern Italy. More information at  Travel Guide Press. To see the book's table of contents and selected pages, click on its Amazon web page.


Guide_39_451400 Musées 39/45 – Guide Europe

This practical full color guide summarizes more than 1400 museums relating to the 1939/1945 period in Europe. The museums, listed by geographical area, have a short description together with practical information, a picture and a map. Also included is a list of more than 400 battlefield relics and monuments e.g. bunkers, tanks, guns, bridge, etc. This guide is the most complete tool for research and discovery on this subject ever realized. He is the single handbook that will permit anyone interested in World Ward II to easily organize their trip through history. Bilingual in French and English.
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Up_frontUp front

by Bill Mauldin

Originally published in 1945, Bill Mauldin's collection of drawings of American infantrymen in World War II was a popular classic of its genre.




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