Historical Collection

From the outset of the fieldwork, many remains of the WW2 came to light and excited our curiosity.

Shell splinters, fired cartridge cases, bullets, live rifle cartridges (which were reported to the local police), and empty cans of rations are speechless witness of these painful days.

Personal items, sometime named and interviews to elder people give us pieces of news about persons, soldiers, KIA and events.

Gotica Toscana association is busy cataloging, indexing and archiving such historical proof of what happened more than 60 years ago.

This section contains a Database and some articles about some important relics like the Ford GPA of Pvt. J.C. Perry 755th Btn or the dog tags of some Lithuanian soldiers founded near the Giogo Pass on the Gothic Line.

The Database is freely accessible to registered people, while Gotica Toscana members only are allowed to add items to the database.

If you wish to contribute to our historical collection, please contact us by e-mail

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