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o Documentazione – Documentation
o Rievocazione – Reenactors
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Documentazione – Documentation

Welcome to Travel Guide Press. It is a new guidebook describing and providing directions to over one hundred World War II sites in Italy, including museums, monuments, cemeteries, and battlefields. The tours in each chapter focus on a particular city or region, following the Allied and German armies as they battled from southern to northern Italy.

My grandfather was with the 34th Infantry Division, 133rd Regiment during World War II in Italy from December 1943 to November 1945. In my quest for information about my grandfather’s experiences with the 34th Infantry Division, 133rd Regiment during World War II in Italy from December 1943 to November 1945, I found I had accumulated a vast amount of resources and the organization of those items was greatly needed. As I put together this website it was originally not intended to be public; but I realized in surfing the web that I had collected material that was unavailable on the web. So I made it public.

A site dedicated to the Men of the 85th ‘Custer’ Division in WW2.

Squadrone F – Il sito  nasce dall’impegno di Daniel Battistella, nipote del Maresciallo Par. Modesto Danilo Dall’Asta, e grazie all’interessamento e all’aiuto di Alberto Dell’Oro e dei reduci dello Squadrone F. The web site about Squadron F has been created in collaboration with Daniel Battistella, the grandson of the Warrant Officer, Modesto Danilo Dall’Asta, and with the help and interest of Alberto Dell’Oro (Squadron’s parachutist fiduciary) and of all the Operation Veterans. The aim of this site is to keep the Operation’s memory alive and to thoroughly analyze and recall many of its forgotten aspects. Vai al sito – Go to website

Il club “Highway Six” – Linea Caesar (auto- moto veicoli militari d’epoca) nasce a dicembre del 2004 con lo scopo di organizzare mostre storiche di veicoli ed equipaggi, e di fornire (ai soci) consulenza e servizi in materia fiscale, legale e assicurativa. I soci fondatori, già facenti parte dell’associazione “Storia del Lazio 1943/ ‘44”, sono accomunati dall’interesse per la ricerca, il recupero e la conservazione di testimonianze storiche inerenti la seconda guerra mondiale nel Lazio. Vai al sito – Go to website

Associazione Mediterraneo – Associazione culturale italo-greca, apartitica, apolitica e senza fini di lucro, fondata nel 1995, con sede ad Argostoli, capoluogo di Cefalonia, la più grande delle isole greche del Mar Ionio. Cura il museo dedicato alla Divisione “Acqui”

Biografia di una bomba – Sito dedicato ai ritrovamenti di ordigni bellici

The 8th Evacuation Hospital – 8° EVAC di Pietramala – The University of Virginia in World War II

WW2 US Medical Research Centre The “WW2 US Medical Research Centre” started out as a private venture between two WW2 US medical collectors and re-enactors living in Europe. Using a variety of sources, primarily original WW2 documents, we were able to create an on-line database containing the list of all WW2 US Medical Department Item Numbers and their descriptions. We soon realised that this database was an invaluable research tool for anyone interested in the period. As a result, the database was further expanded, and the basic project grew to encompass a number of other resources for both collectors and re-enactors to use for their research. Vai al sito – Go to website

Il Museo della Seconda Guerra Mondiale del fiume Po è un centro della memoria degli eventi bellici che si susseguirono nei territori lungo il grande fiume nel corso del secondo conflitto mondiale. – research on the German armed forces 1918-1945

Museo personale on-line di Radio Militari, radio spie e valvole – Online Personal Museum of Military Radios – Spy Radios – Tubes By Antonio Fucci – Fano (Italy)

Denver Public Library: nella sezione “Western History and Geneology. Troverete, fra l’altro, molto materiale sulla 10th Mountain Division. Go to the section “Western History and Geneology”. There are several links, follow them through. If you go to the photo or gallery link and get to the 10th Mountain photos, try it.

Remembering a Fallen Coloradan on Veterans Day

The Cars, Tanks and Airplanes of WWII – una collezione di link sui principali mezzi usati dagli alleati durante òa Seconda Guerra Mondiale – A collection of links about vheicles, tanks and airplane. Whether in the air or on the ground, the cars, tanks, and airplanes used during World War II had a great impact on a nation’s ability to successfully campaign against the enemy. As Joseph Stalin said, “The war was decided by engines and octane.”

Important People of World War II – Plenty of information about World War II can be found in books and on the Web, including facts about battles, maps of territories and their control, and memorials to those who lost their lives. But one key thing to remember is that a war isn’t fought by borders or governments or tanks: It’s fought by people. This link is suggested by Bella, she found it during a webquest on WW2.  It’s a list of important people of WWII.

12 Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About WWII Jeeps  – Today Jeeps are one of the most popular vehicles of choice for off-roading enthusiasts. There are dozens of Jeep variants to choose from, but none are as iconic as the original WWII Jeep. Let’s take a look at 12 facts you probably didn’t know about these first Jeeps. This link is suggested by Kyle, he took a keen look at the evolution of Jeep models over the years

Rievocazione – Reenactors

Il 514th Q.M. Truck Regiment Re-enactment Group nasce dalla collaborazione di un gruppo di amici che ha cominciato alcuni anni fa raccogliendo veicoli militari ed equipaggiamenti americani della II Guerra mondiale. Nel luglio 2004 al Beltring War & Peace Show hanno avuto l’idea di mettere su un nuovo gruppo di re-enacting dedicato al 514th Q.M. Truck Regiment e ricordare di come come questo reggimento abbia rifornito l’esercito di Patton con carburante, munizioni, vettovaglie e di quanto altro fosse necessario durante l’avanzata attraverso la Francia del nord, l’opperazione conosciuta come “The Red Ball Express”
The 514th Q.M. Truck Regiment Reenactment Group is a group of friends who started collecting U.S. military vehicles and equipment of World War II some years ago. In July 2004 at the Beltring War & Peace Show we came up with the idea to start a new WWII reenactment group to show the organization, hard work and bravery of the men of the 514th Quartermaster Truck Regiment, how they supplied Patton’s army with fuel, ammo, rations and just about every thing else that was needed in their advance across Northern Franc. This operation was known as “The Red Ball Express”

To commemorate the liberation of the City of Mons, Belgium, the Royal Mons Auto Moto Club has been organizing an important concentration of WWII tanks since 1999. On August, Mons will be a living museum of WWII armoured vehicles. Shermans, Chafees, Pershings, Tank Destroyers, Half Tracks, M8 and M10 will peacefully invade the historical center of the City of Mons. Tanks in Town is a world wide event. Overlord Returns is closely associated to the event.

La Compañía Histórica 2éme. DB: “La Nueve” è un gruppo di rievocazione storica dedicato ai soldati spagnoli repubblicani che combatterono con la 2nd Free French Armoured Division, conosciuta anche come “Leclerc Division”.- The Compañía Histórica 2éme. DB: “La Nueve” is a reenacting group that intends to remember the Spanish Republican soldiers that fought with the 2nd Free French Armoured Division, also known as the “Leclerc Division”.

Veicoli – Vehicles

H.M.V Italia, History & Military Vehicles Italia, il nuovo Club di veicoli storici ex-ordinanza, con particolare riferimento a quelli afferenti la seconda guerra mondiale. La sede, per il primo triennio, è presso il Centro di Documentazione e Ricerche Storiche – Loc. Ponzalla, 47 – 50038 – Scarperia – FI.

Military Vehicle Preservation Association Established in 1976, the non-profit MVPA is dedicated to providing an international organization for military vehicle enthusiasts, historians, preservationists and collectors interested in the acquisition, restoration, preservation, safe operation and public education of historic military transport. Military Vehicle Preservation Association

Military Vehicle Trust In 1968 a small group of Military Vehicle enthusiasts on the South Coast formed the Military Vehicle Conservation Group. Its success was such that in 1987 it became the Military Vehicle Trust – a charitable organization that now has worldwide membership of over 5,500.



Associazioni – Associations

Winter Line Venafro (IS) – La storia dell’associazione Winterline nasce dall’amicizia di Renato Dolcigno e Luciano Bucci che, fin da adolescenti, hanno condiviso una passione unica ed originale che li ha portati a conseguire un importante obiettivo, quello di creare la prima mostra storico-militare permanente denominata Winterline, riguardante gli eventi bellici che hanno interessato il comune di Venafro e le terre limitrofe.

Archivio Z – associazione culturale di produzione indipendente di teatro e cinema. Nel 2003 è stato inaugurato il Progetto Linea Gotica sulla Memoria del passaggio del fronte e della guerra civile di liberazione costituito da I Persiani (2003) e Sette contro Tebe (2005) di Eschilo e Antigone (2006) di Sofocle presso il Cimitero Militare Germanico del Passo della Futa, il più grande sacrario di vittime tedesche della seconda guerra mondiale in territorio italiano.

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