The Column of Freedom 2016

23-25 April 2016

North Apennines Po Valley Park



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La Colonna delle Libertà 2016

In collaboration with (updated 03/24/16)

Associazione 92nd Div. Buffalo Highway Six Rover Joe

Tracce Di Storia Gotica Romagna

Gruppo 2194 Historical Aircraft Group Old Iron Sides

Club Historica

Gruppo FEB

Sponsoring bodies (updated to 03/25/16)

La Nuova Provincia di Padova Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo

Comune di Istrana

Comuni delle province di Padova e Venezia

51° Stormo Aeronautica Militare Italiana Comando Forze di Difesa Interregionale Nord

Comune di Istrana

With the support of (updated 02/27/16)

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Organizing the “Column of Freedom” is a bit like going to visit a friend at his house; each edition touches territories unknown to most but dear to others and as happens in these circumstances we are amazed by what we have seen and we return home with the awareness of having known, or learned, something new. In itself, our beloved Italy is a vast universe of lands, scents, flavours, history and landscapes that just the thought of it opens the heart, but being welcomed by those who carry on these traditions is a very different thing. What those who fought or suffered one of the longest campaigns of the Second World War felt on this soil is a continuous discovery made of oral testimonies, alas always in decline, but also of images, stories, writings which today, with the advent of technology, they can reach anyone. There is no doubt that in recent years technology has played a decisive role in the exchange of information across the globe and that finding photos and writings or contacting the descendants or protagonists of an event that occurred 70 years ago has become much easier; However, there is a world, that of military historical motoring inherent to the Second World War, which goes beyond all this! Hearing the noise of the engines and the creaking of the leaf springs, smelling petrol and raw canvas and not being able to stop the wind entering the cabin are sensations that technology cannot give; not to mention the satisfaction of having managed to restore your vehicle and be present with it, being part of a multitude of collectors who with passion, dedication, commitment and effort give life to the most important event in Italy. The Column of Freedom, which this year became a registered trademark, is a museum on wheels and those who take part in it experience a simply unrepeatable adventure together; we will never forget the inspiring values of the event which are Peace, Democracy, Family and Work, often threatened, which are accompanied by a passion rooted in each of us for historic vehicles, their restoration, functioning and conservation. It's time to start, or rather, to move...

La campagna Po Valley - 5 Aprile 2 Maggio 1945

The Po Valley campaign – 5 April 2 May 1945


Padua, Piazza del Santo, 28 April 1945. German troops retreating.
Photo: University of Padua – University Center for the history of the Resistance and the contemporary age

Resistenza - ''Treviso Liberata'', numero unico del CLN - Liberazione di Treviso 1945, testata giornale del CLN

Resistance – “Treviso Liberata”, single issue of the CLN – Liberation of Treviso 1945, CLN newspaper


Downloadable pdf road books

Saturday 23 April 2016

Municipality of Selvazzano Dentro (PD)

  • 08:00 Concentration of vehicles and registrations in Via Roma (registrations open as early as Friday 22 April) and greeting from the Administration and citizens.
  • 08.30 am Departure from Selvazzano Dentro and transit through Saccolongo, Mestrino, Campodoro, Villafranca Padovana
  • 11.40am Enter Badoere on the Sp68 and stop in Piazza Indipendenza
  • 12.25pm Departure from Badoere towards the Istrana Military Airport, home of the 51st Wing.
  • 1.00 pm Entrance to the Istrana Military Airport and meeting with the base Commander; lunch at the internal facilities.
  • 3.00pm Open Day and exhibition of historic aircraft and vehicles in collaboration with HAG Historical Aicrfract Group, educational and demonstration activities for the public.
  • 7.00 pm Aperitif for the crews and guests present.
  • 7.30pm Gala dinner in the Military Airport facilities for crews and guests.
  • 10.00 pm Departure of Colonna (light vehicles only) in the direction of the hotels.

Total Km 80 – download the route


One of the Macchi MC205 Veltro of the 51st Wing just arrived in Sardinia

L'offensiva di Primavera - 9 Aprile 2 Maggio 1945

The Spring Offensive – 9 April 2 May 1945

Sunday 24 April 2016

Military Airport of the 51st Wing (Istrana – TV)

  • 08.30am Departure from the airport towards Paese and Scorzè.
  • 10:00 am Transit from Scorzè in the direction of Mirano
  • 11:00 Colonna transit towards Mira, Dolo, Brenta Riviera up to Ponte di Brenta
  • 12.15 pm Transit from Ponte di Brenta from via Padova, via San Marco towards Padua
  • 12.30pm Entrance into Padua
  • 1.00 pm Arrival at the “O” barracks. Salomone” in Padua, headquarters of COMFODI-NORD. Welcome meeting with the Barracks Commander; lunch at military facilities.
  • 2.00pm Open Day and exhibition of historic vehicles; educational activities.
  • 5.45pm Departure Colonna in the direction of Selvazzano – Tencarola.
  • 7.45pm Arrival in Tencarola and vehicle parking; stop for dinner.
  • 9.00pm Overnight stays in assigned hotel facilities.

Total Km 90 download the 1st part itinerary


download the 2nd part itinerary


download the 3rd part itinerary


Tank Neozelandesi a Trieste

New Zealand tanks in Trieste

Tank dela 6th South African Armoured Division

Tank of the 6th South African Armored Division

Monday 25 April 2016

Municipality of Selvazzano Dentro (PD)

  • 08.30 am Concentration of vehicles and crews in Via Roma
  • 09:00 am Departure in Colonna towards the Euganean Hills
  • 11.15 am Return to Selvazzano and meeting with the authorities and the population on the occasion of the celebrations of April 25th.
  • 12.30 pm Arrival in Tencarola stop in Piazza del Mercato for commemoration of the fallen and display of vehicles - Lunch at the Tencarola structure (same as the previous day)
  • 2.00pm End of lunch; vehicle display to the public and meeting with the population.
  • 5.00 pm Closing of the event.

Total Km 40 download the route


1) To participate in the "La Colonna della Libertà 2016" event it is necessary to register by completing the online "Registration form" (same procedure as for previous events);

from this edition, for security reasons and to facilitate hotel check-ins, it will be necessary to add the details of a valid identity document

Registrations closed due to saturation of hotel facilities; please contact the organization on 3357632983

2) Registration is subject to the total payment of the registration fee to be paid in advance to the bank account IBAN IT87P0832505473000000064497 made out to “Gotica Toscana Onlus – Loc. Ponzalla 47 – 50038 – Scarperia (FI) – Italy” reporting the reason “ The Column of Freedom 2016" or paypal at the address "” always reporting the reason “La Colonna della Libertà 2016”. (Mandatory for everyone) Unfortunately, due to defections, in the past the organization has suffered huge shortfalls in advance fees for booking meals and from now on it is necessary, for organizational purposes, to receive the entire sum in advance. Upon departure, you will be given an envelope containing meal vouchers, the road book and useful numbers, thus eliminating annoying queues.

3) The deadline for registrations is Sunday 10 April; beyond this date the organization reserves the right to accept or deny registrations.

4) The event however has a maximum number of participants which varies based on the facilities we will have available during the event such as restaurants and overnight stays; it is therefore advisable to book in advance especially those interested in staying in a hotel. Please note that priority will be given to those who register for the entire duration of the event.

5) All military vehicles before 1945 of all nationalities are admitted to the rally.

6) The historical uniform for vehicle owners is welcome, but not obligatory, re-enactors will be accepted both in groups and individually; The organization will be responsible for arranging the seats on the vehicles. If there are none, we decline all responsibility. Vehicle owners who do not wish to wear uniforms are advised to match the vehicle's color scheme and avoid bright colors.

7) The uniforms admitted must be relevant to the historical period; it will not be possible to wear political uniforms such as PNF, GUF, MVSN, NSDAP, SS, etc, etc... while it will be possible to wear Allied (all) and German (LW and WH) uniforms.

8) All participating vehicles need to be in compliance with the CDS; The driver and owner will be directly responsible for any damage to people or things caused by the vehicle. The organization declines any responsibility for damages, persons or things.

9) All collectors and participants can exhibit toy armaments or real deactivated armaments in compliance with Italian regulations; each individual participant will respond individually.

In particular, further restrictions will be possible in the main cities; the organization, at the request of the Administrations or for problems of Public Order, reserves the right to impose further restrictions regarding the handling of the simulacra and the display of flags and emblems.

10) All participants are required to behave appropriately to the situation; any form of violence, harassment and any other disrespectful behavior that could in any way disturb or compromise the outcome of the event is strictly prohibited; it is absolutely forbidden to point, shout with weapons or perform any gesture that could disturb the success of the event.

11) During any moment of the event it is strictly forbidden to march, sing, shout, swear or behave disrespectfully towards others.

12) No figure is required to engage in politics or express judgments on history, local or general; equipment will be exhibited and further information provided.

13) The organization reserves the right to remove all those who do not comply with these regulations without prior notice and without refunding the registration fee.

14) Each group and/or individual is responsible for the premises placed in trust such as rooms, public services, camp area, gates, fences, furnishings and works and will be personally liable in case of damage. Particular attention must be given in case of entry, stopover, consumption of lunches and overnight stays in military facilities.

15) For anything not expressly indicated in this regulation, please contact the organization.

16) It is strictly forbidden to use blank weapons, fireworks, firecrackers, smoke bombs and anything else that could alarm fire-fighting and law enforcement forces. It is also forbidden to light open flames.

17) Minors can participate as long as they are accompanied by their parents and subject to written authorization from the latter. It is also forbidden to let minors handle simulacra within cities.

18) During the days of the demonstration it is not permitted to leave the column or take one's own initiatives; during stops, participants are required to respect the pre-established time which will be communicated in advance from time to time.

19) No vehicle will be left behind even in the event of a breakdown; the organization provides a rescue truck that can transport vehicles up to 35 quintals

20) The organization announces that the drivers of historic vehicles may be subjected to alcohol testing by the competent authorities.

The organization also reserves the right to change this program at any time without notice.

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